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Our Polishes of Choice

At True Reflections day spa we use O.P.I brand and Shellac brand polishes for a long lasting finish.



The most-asked-for brand in the industry! OPI is the go-to brand for nail fashion. OPI has built a reputation for being the biggest and the best in terms of quality and innovation. From elegant classics to eye-popping brights, OPI has your color! O.P.I is Formaldehyde-free!



CND Shellac® is a cross between nail polish and gel. Shellac is applied like regular nail polish and then cured using a UV lamp. Dry time is instant, making the application process fast and ensuring your polish doesn’t smudge. CND Shellac provides a wide range of around 70 colors and promises at least 14 days of flawless wear with no nail damage. Further, CND Shellac gel polishes are suitable for layering to create an even broader color spectrum.